Hi, I'm Kristen. 23, cis-female, Black. I cry a lot about dead sidekicks, children's shows, and comic books. And I draw sometimes.
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*whispers* sam affectionately nicknaming steve “trouble man” because trouble always seems to follow steve wherever he goes tho

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I kind of love the idea of Steve being bi. Like, when he was younger, he’d see a guy and think he was good looking, but he’d just stamp that down or chalk it up to being an artist and finding beauty in everything. Then he meets Peggy and he really likes her so he thinks of…



I keep seeing this gorgeous fanart reposted with the watermark removed and without artist credit. It’s by Weibo user 7thORANGE, and can be found on their blog here. If you don’t have a Weibo account you can see it here.

Yes, thank you. I knew that post I saw floating around wasn’t legit.


”..Who the hell is Natasha?”

I became so engrossed in the idea of Natasha being the Winter Soldier I COULDN’T HELP IT sorrynotsorry

legete says: steve/sam - steve is temporarily replaced by a version of himself from before the war


If there’s any consolation in having to temporarily babysit New Steve (who is really Old Steve), it’s that he’s much easier to carry around; it’s like flying with a stack of pillows.

And that point was in addition to the way Steve looks at him, eyes too wide and too big on his face, gaze flicking between the wings and Sam over and over. 

"Flying’s a hell of a thing," Steve tells him, breathless. His skinny arms wrap tighter around his neck and his eyes aren’t even on the clouds or the city below anymore—they’re on Sam, and—

And Sam laughs because he knows that look, and isn’t that something, to have Steve Rogers fall in love with you twice over. 


person: are you over bucky barnes yet




He said if he ran in those shoes, they’d fall off.


Fact: comic creators share feelings with fangirls, often.


Alright tumblr I have got a bone to pick with you, and it’s about why the hell no one is talking about New Warriors. 

"But wait Rain, there’s only 3 issues out so far!" Doesn’t matter. This series is great and I’m going to tell you why. 

Just look at this cast of characters! Over half the cast is POC and no one’s even talking about it. We have an African American woman who’s balancing university and saving New York, an Asian American teen that also happens to be an Inhuman, a Hispanic teen that’s already helped save the world multiple times, an Atlantian woman set out to avenge her people, a clone with a history of failing to be a hero, a girl with no past that’s also a demigod that never stops talking, a mutant and an Avenger who’s just trying to do the right thing, and a science experiment gone wrong with some serious past issues with PTSD. That’s some seriously diverse representation going on here. 

It’s another young team, (looking at you Young Avengers fans) and it’s a team with a lot of history and really terrible past legacy to make up for (anyone remember Stamford and the beginning of the Civil War?).

So far they’re the only ones paying attention to the beginning of a mass genocide of everything not “purely human” on planet Earth of being led by the High Evolutionary in response for the impending return of the Celestials to planet Earth.

It’s a ragtag team with a lot of issues but it also has a lot of heart and it’s my number one recommendation right now and I’m positively determined to make everyone I know read this. So here are some download links.

#1 / #2 / #3 

Go forth and spread the word.


"I’m following him."