Hi, I'm Kristen. 23, cis-female, Black. I cry a lot about dead sidekicks, children's shows, and comic books. And I draw sometimes.



I… I regret this.

Lin is my forever girl, and my hero. She is, hands down, the best character in this series.

She knew what she was getting into, and has done everything in her power to keep everyone around her safe, and even sacrificed her bending to do so. She’s upholding her mother’s legacy in the only way she can…and it’s fucking great and I fucking cried for her right here.

She sacrificed the most precious thing to her, because she knew it was either her, or the air babies, and she chose what was right. She had always chose what she felt was right for the city. When she fucked up, she learned from it, and chose another path and i just really love the bei fongs.

they’re strong, courageous, fearless, perfect, beautiful women. ;__;

liiiiin ;_;

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