Hi, I'm Kristen. 23, cis-female, Black. I cry a lot about dead sidekicks, children's shows, and comic books. And I draw sometimes.


do you ever think about how it only took steve rogers saying bucky’s name to unravel 70 years worth of brainwashing because i think about this every single fucking day  



this rad lady sent me an ask about a racebent little mermaid and…….i automatically jumped on a caribbean/creole one ;;;_;;;;/ i love caribbean mermaids so much, hold me

if you guys like this i can draw more of the characters in this version?? i’m definitely drawing an eric for this setting. ♡‿♡ (disney needs more MOC anyway)


Anonymous says: Do you think so many people, including yourself, would still obsess over Nico so much if he were straight? Cause I feel like it's only cause of his angst and people being obsessed with yaoi


Um. I’m not sure about obsess, and I can only speak personally, but I actually started reading pjo for Nico, and he’s been my fave since day 1. So the love for his character has nothing to do with his sexuality. As far as the shipping goes, you’re right about the HoH revelation being what sparked the recent craze, because I couldn’t ship Nico with ANYONE prior to HoH. It just didn’t feel right. He never really showed an interest in any of the girls, and he hardly interacted with anyone really outside of Hazel. In PJO his main relationship was with Bianca and Percy, and the latter was really a long redemption arc where he learns to stop holding a grudge and where he’s desperate to win back his trust after the Hades incident. I wasn’t even thinking of shipping him then because I never in my wildest dreams imagined that Rick would actually go there for his character - there wasn’t quite enough information in canon yet for me to ship him. But I have to disagree about “angst” and “yaoi” being the main draw of his character. He doesn’t actually angst, at least not in that annoying way so many characters do where their sadness gets in the way of them being a decent person and they burden their feelings onto everyone else. Almost the only indication we get of Nico’s sadness happens because Cupid forces it out of him, and then Jason CONFRONTS him about it, and he basically asks Jason to leave it alone. Not even Hazel knows what’s troubling him - I mean, part of it is his fear of rejection, but I also think he’s selfless in that way where he doesn’t want to let anyone else feel troubled for him. He also doesn’t let his feelings of loneliness or rejection get in the way of the mission - every step of the way he’s only ever wanted to help. He has so many reasons to act like a douche but he doesn’t. If you read his lines, he’s never condescending towards anyone because he knows too well what it feels like to be the underdog and the outcast. I love that he’s such a good brother to Hazel, that he pays attention to the forgotten or sidelined characters, that despite everything he’s been through he’s still the sweet dorky boy we met in the Titan’s Curse, only he’s learned to hide his vulnerabilities better. He’s an incredibly sympathetic and identifiable character even before HOH, even before the HOO series. I don’t think anyone loves him solely because of his sexuality or because he’s the “dark loner” type - I love him because he’s a good kid, he’s thoughtful of others, he earnestly want to help, and I think he deserves love and acceptance.


if you arent pumped about these kick ass woc and that cutie dwarf you can get out of my face


good motherfucking multichapter fanfictions



6 Reasons We Need A Wonder Woman Movie
        Like, Yesterday.



petition for future Bioware games to have approx. 5000% less calling female party members bitches


xiuhuitzilin asked torisora:Hi, I really like your batfam stuff and if you’re still taking requests, would you, could you please do the scene where Dick is enacting cinderella to Cass, even have a tiara on him or something, idk, the rest of the batfam could help :)


seriously when Cass said Dick was SUPER SURPRISED SHE DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT CINDERELLA AND THEN acted out THE ENTIRE THING for her and made her laugh I thought I thought I was going to melt and I wanted someone to draw it and now!!!!! yes!!!!


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Best scene from *Wonder Woman #19*