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Madame De Fer by GerryArthur


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This is utterly GORGEOUS

This is so beautiful!  Art that does Vivienne justice. 


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Ok so we all know how badass Gamora is but can we also talk about how kind she is?

Can we talk about a woman who has endured terrible abuse for the vast majority of her life, who still wants to save a world that has taken so much from her? 

Can we talk about her betraying her abuser, the most powerful being in the universe, because she couldn’t bear the thought of being party to any more death?

Can we talk about Gamora who forgives her sister for trying to kill her because they share the same scars, reaching out for her hand and asking her to join them?

Can we talk about Gamora, the first to share the pain of the infinity stone with Peter Quill, who will not let him suffer alone, who was willing to risk death for the slimmest chance that she can still save others?

Can we talk about Gamora who has no reason to trust anyone, who has lost so much, willing to risk her life?

Can we talk about Gamora who is so kind and so good?


Do you expect me to talk?
No, Ms. Bond. I expect you to die!


Makoto is not passive. He wanted to win and he wanted it to mean something if he did. He wanted it badly enough to ask Haru to make sure to take it seriously. 

Makoto is not fake. He hid his tears with that smile because that’s how he copes. He is not being manipulative or underhanded. He sees no reason to burden Haru with his issues. That’s his M.O. 

Makoto is honest with himself. And now with Nagisa. And he’s not jealous of Rin for romantic reasons, nor does he hate Rin. (Two things I’ve seen in multiple posts today already.) He understands now that his relationship with Haru + swimming is different. Haru and Rin can feed off each other’s competitive spirit/drive to feel the water, whatever you want to call that… but Makoto can’t get the same thing from Haru. And that’s ok, because different people have different relationships. 

And this is just speculation but I also see Makoto as being mostly jealous of Rin’s resolve. Jealous of how Rin has his goals and his reasons for swimming all sorted out but Makoto doesn’t yet. (Or rather, he might, but he doesn’t think he can achieve them on his own… hence trying to better himself by attempting to compete with Haru in a similar way that Rin does.) 

So anyway… yeah, I loved this episode. 






Can we just stop and talk about this for a minute?

Thresh doesn’t make an alliance. Thresh doesn’t waste time liking her. Thresh knows that either he must kill her or she must kill him for one of them to win.

But this is the only way he can repay her for protecting Rue when he couldn’t. It’s the only way he can repay her for honoring Rue when he couldn’t. He honors her by sparing her friend, the girl who would have died for her.

The revolution really doesn’t start with Katniss.

It starts with Rue.


This is exactly the point I’ve been trying to make for years. Okay, so the revolution gets it’s kindling with Katniss. She volunteers, well that’s new, she rebels in the display of talents by shooting the apple. This triggers her perfect score, okay. These aren’t really “Revolutionary” though. 

It’s not even revolutionary when Peeta professes his love, because, let’s face it, the rules of the game haven’t changed. They’re still just two kids who would have to KILL each other to win. Without a doubt, it would bring some interest to the games, so the Capitol makes propaganda about it. The “Star Crossed Lovers” in a game of life and death.

But what changes the game is Rue. Right away from her introduction in the books we know Rue is going to be somewhat of a big deal. She was compared to the most important character to Katniss, Prim, so that’s a huge indicator. She’s small, young, she’s what Prim would have been.

So Katniss instantly feels a subconscious pull toward her. 

When they meet in the trees, Katniss could have killed Rue easily, and Rue probably could have pulled a sneak attack or alerted the Careers of Katniss’s presence. Instead, Rue points out the Tracker Jacker nest.

Then it escalates, Rue and Katniss become an odd team, they’re an alliance, which is never new in the Hunger Games, as forming teams and then betraying them at the end seems to be a common, but there’s is different. It’s close, it’s sisterly, protective.

And then Rue get’s impaled. Katniss kills her first tribute with ease after that. Comparing it to hunting game. Katniss holds Rue, she cries, and then she sings. She sings for Rue a song of promised safety and warmth, something completely absent in the arena. 

And this is where the metaphorical canon fires. Katniss could have left Rue, the hovercraft would have been along to pick her up, but she can’t. She’s morally obligated to love this girl as much as possible. And this is where the revolution starts. 

She honors the dead. She honors a dead tribute from a district she’d never seen, a person she’d known for only a short period of time. But she throws away Hunger Games norms. She rejects them completely.

In the Hunger Games you’re supposed to kill mercilessly and leave the victims for the plain box they’re shipped home in. 

Katniss gives Rue a funeral in the Games, she decorates the body, she makes it look like Rue is sleeping. Like no harm had come. Katniss just ignited the coals that Rue had placed.

Rue’s District sends a parachute. Homemade bread. 

Then Thresh kills Clove and distracts Cato by taking his bag. 

The fire is going now, and the actions in Catching Fire are even more obvious.

The Speech for Rue. Peeta’s painting. Everything eludes back to this one little girl who became Katniss’s family.

So the revolution never started with Katniss, she was just the tinder for Rue’s ignition. 

Rue was the real Mockingjay.

Also, who’s four note whistle is constantly attached to the trailers?

Rue’s whistle.

Rue is omnipresent in the books and movies, and I absolutely love it.

The rebellion was started because the innocence of a black girl was defiled.

That is a powerful statement that a lot of people gloss over for this book

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Peggielene Bartels, A.K.A. King Peggy, is currently the King of Otuam, Ghana. She was chosen to be one of only three female kings in Ghana, and when she discovered that male chauvinists wanted her to only be a figurehead, she said: “They were treating me like I am a second-class citizen because I am a woman. I said, ‘Hell no, you’re not going to do this to a woman!’” When she encountered corruption and the threat of embezzlement to the royal funds, she declared “I’m going to squeeze their balls so hard their eyes pop!”

King Peggy has maintained her work in Ghana’s embassy in Washington, D.C. while making education affordable in Otuam, installing borehead wells to produce clean drinking water, enforcing incarceration laws to deal with domestic violence, replenishing the royal coffers by taxing Otuam’s fishing industry to improve life in the village, and appointing three women to her council.

“Nobody should tell you, ‘You’re a woman, you can’t do it,’” she insists. “You can do it. Be ready to accept it when the calling comes.”

Quoted from the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Ms. Magazine.

What a beautiful badass woman.

King Peggy has been on my blog before but this is my goddamn blog and I will have King Peggy on here twice if I want.


Always reblog King Peggy, who is on my dash far less than she should be. Did you know she has written a book about her life? It is great, and you should all get right on that if you haven’t already.

Bitches get shit done.

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Pacific Rim AU though where Steve is the angst-riddled Jaeger pilot who lost Bucky and can’t stand the thought of letting someone else in his head


he meets Sam Wilson and it’s like “dreamweaver playing in…


Aaron Diaz ( creator of Dresden Codak and my favourite LoZ au ) says things. 

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