Hi, I'm Kristen. 23, cis-female, Black. I cry a lot about dead sidekicks, children's shows, and comic books. And I draw sometimes.





You know you were thinking it.

#hi. zuko’s voice here. #but I guess you probably already know me. sort of. uh so the thing is I have a lot of voice acting experience. #and i’m considered to be pretty good at it. well I guess you’ve heard me. you know when I was giving you eargasms?#uh yeah I guess I should apologize for that. #but anyway I’m here now. I mean I thought I was here before but now I realize I was never gone. #but anyway I think it’s time I joined your Saturday mornings (again).

I read that in Dante’s voice. Thank you.

omg so did i 

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#General Fine indeed

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