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UPDATED: Just a few ways NBC has undermined Gabby’s achievements.


“Ally Rainsman really reigned in Gabby in the time of need”— Gabby scored 1/3 of the team’s points. [n-i-h-i-l added]

“She trained with Shawn Johnson which REALLY must have had some effect on her”— many gymnasts have trained under professionals. [n-i-h-i-l added]

“Gabby has a lead…not by much but, we hope she takes advantage of it”—Gabby consistently scored better (on average) than her teammates.[n-i-h-i-l added]

Not to mention they contributed the all-around success to Alexandra saying that she was the clincher… [cum-fraiche added]

and “ooh, lets talk about Jordyn not making the all around ten times more than Gabby being the highest scorer in all four events” [withasideofswag added]

The first Women’s Gymnastics team win since ‘96, but it was deemed “not all that amazing” by NBC.

Airing a commercial featuring a monkey doing gymnastics right after Gabby’s win. During all the commercials for other athletes and their wins they showed appropriate commercials featuring them and their talents. For example: the swimmer Rebecca Soni was featured in her own commercial beating her world record score. Gabby got a monkey. 

Also, when Gabby did her vault: NBC on Gabby - “That wasn’t great…but she’ll take it” (she gets the highest score on the fucking thing, a 15.966) NBC on Aly - “That was an AMAZING vault! She’s off to a great start!” (scores very well, but lower than Gabby) Yeah. NBC hates that a black girl won the whole thing. [boehner-trollolol added]

NBC’s “Fab Five” commercial that conveniently forgot she existed [cynical-douche added]

I believe Gabby was also the first American (female) gymnast to win a gold medal in both the group and AA events. As of yet, I haven’t heard much mention of that from NBC/other news networks. [alldolleddown added]

On Raisman’s bars performance, the ending comment was “very good.”  On Douglas’, it was “Interesting.” [pluckyduck added]

None of the on-air commentators made mention of the fact that Douglas is the first African-American woman to win the individual all-around gold medal. When Bob Costas finally got around to doing so while doing the closing wrap-up of the prime time coverage, he actually prefaced it by saying “While, in light of how far things have come, it’s not that remarkable, it is still worth noting.” “Not that remarkable” that she actually made history.  [latxcvi added]

fucking nbc :|


Five 2012 Olympic Ladies You Should Know About:

  •  Olympic Weightlifter Zoe Smith Shuts Down Sexist Tweets About Female Athletes’ ‘Manly’ Bodies [x]

We, as any women with an ounce of self-confidence would, prefer our men to be confident enough in themselves to not feel emasculated by the fact that we aren’t weak and feeble.    


  • Afghani female sprinter, Tahmina Kohistani, resists country’s old ideals, vows to show women new future [x]

My feeling is different because I’m going to do something for my country. I like to change the society, to change the mind of people about [women] and they should accept this. We are not wrong. We are right.

  • After years of keeping her sport a secret from her parents, Sarah Menezes wins judo gold for Brazil. [x]

In the beginning, they used to say judo was not a girl’s sport. Then, they would complain that being an athlete was a not a proper career. I would go to my training sessions anyway, sometimes saying I had to stay longer at school, sometimes asking the neighbour to take me secretly.

  • When Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi makes her Olympic debut in the 10- metre air rifle event, she will be the first woman to represent Malaysia in Olympic shooting and eight months pregnant. [x]

Every morning I talk to her and I say: ‘Mummy is going for training. Please remain calm. Don’t kick.’ But if the baby kicks I have to breathe easy and let her calm down before shooting.

  • Less than a month away from the London Games, U.S. women’s soccer standout Megan Rapinoe says publicly for the first time that she is gay. [x]

To be honest I’ve been thinking about it for a while, trying to find a time that works, now leading up to the Olympics, people want to get personal stories. Our team in general is in a position where people look up to us and kids look up to us. I embrace that and I think I have a huge LGBT following. I think it’s pretty cool, the opportunity that I have, especially in sports. There’s really not that many out athletes. It’s important to be out and to live my life that way.