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This is what racism looks like.

Racism is the utter lack of compassion it takes to see a mother grieving for a boy and afraid for her own sons, and think, “Wow, that would be really easy to tweak in Photoshop to make her look stupid. Wouldn’t that be funny?”

Racism is dehumanizing. Racism robs this woman of her individuality, her humanity, and her gender. “And ain’t I a woman?” This mother ain’t a woman to “The Patriot Nation.” She’s an object to be ridiculed for mistakes she never made; mistakes, in fact, that someone intentionally added to a photo of her for the purpose of mocking her grief and fear.

Racism is someone in front of his computer whose face twists into the same mask of disgust we see in grainy old black and white films of the KKK burning schoolhouses and churches, and instead of a racial slur spilling from his curled-back lips, he sneers, “Sheeple,” or “Socialists,” or “Obamanation,” and he clicks “like” and “share” on this photo because there’s no little switch in his brain to say: “Is this right to do to a human being?” No. The filter turns off when his hate is triggered by this image. And the really scary thing is, that missing filter means he’s also missing the ability to honestly ask himself, “Am I responding this way because of this woman’s race?”

This is also what courage looks like, over there on the left.

Courage is a woman who knows damn good and well that there are people in the world who will use and abuse anything she does in the public eye to slander her, her community, and the sons on whose behalf she’s protesting.

Courage is a woman with her head held high holding a protest sign of her own making in front of a news camera. She is old enough to have three sons. Surely, she has experienced racism before. Surely, she was raised to “never ever forget [she] was born on parole,” and surely she knows that speaking for her sons means taking risks with her own image, her own safety, and her own reputation.

The cost of courage in nonviolent protest has changed. Those who march peacefully may no longer risk firehoses and police dogs’ bites (though they do risk being attacked with chemical weapons), but they now risk digital slander as impossible to remove from the Internet as unflattering photos of Beyonce.

One acute injury, one arrest, or a lifetime of being “the stupid woman with the misspelled sign” online when you KNOW damn well you can spell “sons” (and so can all of your sons, for that matter)? Dog bite, or teenage niece who gets on Facebook for the first time calling to ask why auntie doesn’t know how to spell?

I think I’d take the dog bite, personally.

Showing my work: The racist photoshopped image was found on Facebook. Use of FotoForensics validated my assumption (based on jpeg artifacts) it had been resaved repeatedly. A Google reverse image search using the photoshopped image revealed the original. I used SnagIt to create the side by side comparison here. To his credit, the friend who first shared the fake version retracted it and declared it “despicable” after being shown the original photo.

I obviously do not own the original, but I grant any and all permission to use the above comparison image for purposes related to rescuing this anonymous woman’s reputation from racist attempts to depict her in unflattering and false ways via sharing of a “meme” anywhere, in perpetuity. As an additional sidenote, if anyone knows the woman depicted, please give her a hug from me.

So I write a post on being a Black woman and finding it difficult to have healthy self-esteem


and folks feel the need to jump on and add “black person” or tell me that “women in general” face shit.

NO. I meant BLACK women, specifically. Because I live in a world where

Psychology Today, a fairly well respected mental health publication, publishes a study finding Black women to be the most unattractive women on earth, and not until they received backlash from Black women, did they think the science was faulty

I live in a world where the Black First Lady of this country is constantly having her body and shape mocked, or being framed as a slave.

I live in a world, in which the best female tennis player’s body is mocked by a white woman on the tennis court and the entire audience just laughs.

I live in a world where Gabby Douglas is the first Black girl to win gold in the all-around and the media story makes it about her hair, and then turns around and blames Black women for it.

I live in a world where a white dude on tumblr feels the need to justify finding a Black woman attractive by stating he’s “not into Black girls, but she’s attractive” B/c you know, she was light skinned and curly haired enough to fit his standard of beauty.

I live in a country where Black women make up, at most like 10% of the US population, but we are constantly having articles written about us and why we are so fat. B/c it’s our fat asses that is bringing down the national economy or some shit.

I live in a world where Black men tell me the hair that grows out of my head naturally, ain’t for me.

I live in a world where a Black man can write about hating Black women, and then when Black women respond negatively, we are called angry, bitter, bitches/hoes, etc.

I live in a world where just last week a Black women wrote a post on the shit we as Black women face in relationships, and a white girl comes along an crosses out the word black, talkin’ about she “fixed” it. Erasing our unique experiences.

I live in a world where Black men will throw interracial dating, and marriage statistics in Black women’s faces in order to get us to shut up, and in the same breath claim to “love” Black women.

I live in a world, where a Black woman writes a post on mental health and a bunch of white women saviors feel the need to jump on and tell us exactly what our problem is.

I live in a world where Black daughters are left taking care of their elderly parents, financially, physically, and emotionally, but it’s the Black sons who get praised for making a god damn sandwich.

I live in a world where a Black woman makes a post about a horrific birthing experience of another Black woman, and how she would prefer a home birth, only to be called stupid and ignorant by white people, b/c we are endangering our children.

I live in a world where the face of the “welfare queen” is Black motherhood.

I live in a world where 90% of the people who will defend Black women against these constant attacks are other Black women, and we will get mansplained and whitesplained for our troubles.

So no, I absolutely did not mean “Black person” which usually translates to Black man or “women” which usually translates to “white women”

Don’t change my fucking words.

Racism is not in your intent. Your intent is immaterial in how racist your actions are. This isn’t about you BEING a racist. It’s about you DOING A THING that is racist. Your intent doesn’t change it. Your ignorance of its meaning doesn’t change it. It’s got nothing to do with you as a person and everything to do with the meaning of your action in the context of sociocultural history.

- moniquill (on red face & cultural appropriation)

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So on point, I can’t even

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Adam Serwer vs. Charles Pierce

Advantage: Serwer.

oh look, liberals are once again pretending black culture isn’t full of blatant, rampant heterosexism.

like. every. culture?

WELL, considering black people commit more violence against queers than other races do, and black celebrities are the ones most commonly talking about how awful “faggots” are…

You can’t even cite this. I know you can’t. YOU LEGITIMATELY MADE THIS UP ON THE SPOT.

NCAVP gathered data from anti-violence programs in 16 states and found that, while hate violence incidents have decreased, the overall number of hate murders of members of the LGBTQH community has increased by 11%. Of those murdered, 87% were people of color, showing an increase from 70% in 2010. Furthermore, people who identify as transgender were 28% more likely to experience physical violence than those who are gender normative, according to the media release about the report.

In 1999 they released that 70% of all hate crime perpetrators were White, I WILL find a more recent statistic.





Ignoring the whole Catholic Church and Republican fucking Party to make you goddamn point.

Allow me to add to this a 2012 poll in which it makes clear that people of colour are more likely to support same-sex marriage than white people.

Here you go.

Not violence related, but culture related.

And would you look at that. Airtight and shut down.


Someone really came out their pocket with that bullshit?

and they will every time too

All these receipts. lol






Annnnnnd, as you know, whenever the eye of racebending a character is teased comic fandom immediately proves its aint shitness. Let’s examine that for a second:

well someone tell us about johnny storm

so what we’re getting here, is that a black guy can’t play johnny storm because black guys can’t be cocky jocks?


don’t get me started on the flood of people complaining about the impossibility of Sue Storm having a black brother, or *gasp* that Sue Storm herself might be black.

And we can’t have that now can we?

I hope Michael gets the role, because, fuck comic fandom

it ain’t shit

I hope they fucking get it and change the race of Sue. Gimme Kat Graham in that role and MAKE ALL YOUR FUCKING FAVORITES BLACK.

Firstly, Kat Graham would be perfect for Sue. Secondly, MAKE ALL THEIR FAVES POC!!!! ALL OF THEM!!!!! 

If they change him and possible Sue, prepare for all the racists shit stains that love to whine about whitewashing being a okay since its the best actor for the job but a black person being the best actor for a white character is out of the question

Guys, any time you see shit like this, just give this one sentence

“They picked the best actor for the job”

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best post on tumblr

This is legendary

damn. lol

i died laughing

“All the other little niglets” omg. I am crying 

this is the best fucking video i’ve ever seen in my fucking life




Tumblr, please spread this like WILDFIRE. This teenager has been wrongly suspected of being one of the Boston bombers. He’s scared for his family. 

Please pass it on.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2311248/Sala-Barhoum-track-star-teenager-denies-involvement-Boston-Marathon-bombing-picture-widely-circulated.html

racism kills

stop it

Signal boost or GTFO. NOW.




l m f a o @ tmz




…done forever

I quit this day

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WASHINGTON — Hours after the Boston Marathon bombing, there was alreadyInternet chatter that a “Saudi national” was the suspect. Police raided the apartment of Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi, a 22-year-old student from Saudi Arabia, as he was recovering from the blasts in a Boston hospital.

Next, CNN’s John King raised the alarm about a more elusive “dark-skinned male who the TV reporter said was in custody on Wednesday.

The following day, the New York Post got more specific. It slapped pictures of two young men on its front page, calling them “Bag Men” and identifying them as persons of interest to federal authorities. One was Salah Barhoum, 17, a Moroccan American middle-distance runner.

And then there was news that a man in Bronx, N.Y., who was born in Bangladesh was beaten up for supposedly being “a f*cking Arab” by a group of men who wanted retribution for the marathon bombing.

A Palestinian woman near Boston also reported being the victim of a hateful assault on Wednesday, when a man hit her and yelled, “F*ck you Muslims! You are terrorists! I hate you! You are involved in the Boston explosions.”

What all of these people have in common is that they’re innocent of the bombing. They also happen not to be white.

For the most part, the response to the marathon bombing has brought out humanity’s better angels. Deserved attention has been shed on the heroic efforts of bystanders like Carlos Arredondo and the many first responders who rushed to help the injured.

But it has also served as a depressing reminder that the racial profiling that increased against men of Middle Eastern, Arab and South Asian descent after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks continues to infect the public response to terrorism.

It may turn out that the Boston Marathon bombers are Arab. But they could also be white, black, Native American, Asian or Hispanic. While CBS News tweeted Wednesday that a “white male” was a possible suspect, most people subjected to the speculation grinder have been non-white — all before the FBI on Thursday released photos of two racially ambiguous suspects.

The consequences have been brutal for some of the innocent people caught in the frenzy.

Alharbi had “every inch” of his apartment searched by law enforcement, with authorities seen lugging away bags of items from his home. Residents in his building called it “a startling show of force.” His roommate was questioned for five hours.

“I was scared,” the roommate, Mohammed Hassan Bada, 20, of Saudi Arabia, told the Boston Herald.

Meanwhile, Alharbi was recovering from shrapnel wounds in a hospital. News outlets later reported that he was a witness, not a suspect, and “was apparently in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

CNN’s “dark-skinned male” never materialized, as it quickly became clear that its report of an arrest was wrong. PBS journalist Gwen Ifill said she found it “disturbing” that a television network was allowed to characterize a supposed bombing suspect in such a way.

Barhoum had his world turned upside-down when he saw himself on the cover of the New York Post.

“It’s the worst feeling that I can possibly feel. … I’m only 17,” he said. His mother, meanwhile, felt “sick and upset.”

Barhoum went to the police on Wednesday to clear his name, after he noticed photos of himself getting tagged on social media. He was unable to compete in the marathon, but decided to go and watch. Federal authorities told ABC News that they were passing around his picture to find more information — as they no doubt were doing with pictures of many of the people photographed on Monday.

Later Thursday, after a public outcry over its cover image, the New York Post ran a follow-up story clarifying that authorities said the two “bag men” had “neither had any information or role in Monday’s attacks at the Boston Marathon.”

The rush for indictment and revenge has also taken a toll on Abdullah Faruque, 30, the Bronx man who was beaten up for having brown skin and looking “Arab.” He was assaulted by three or four men outside an Applebee’s on Monday, just hours after the bombing.

“One of the guys asked if I was Arab. I just shook my head, said like, ‘Yeah, whatever.’ I didn’t even know that [the] Boston [bombing] happened because I had a busy day,” Faruque explained to the New York Post.

“Yeah, he’s a f*cking Arab,” responded one of the men, before the group jumped him. They dislocated his shoulder and left him semiconscious.

Heba Abolaban, who lives near Boston, was assaulted and harassed on Wednesday. Abolaban told Malden Patch that while she and her friend, who were both wearing hijabs, were walking with their children, a man came up and punched her shoulder and accused them of being involved in the Boston Marathon bombing.

“I did not say anything to him,” Abolaban said. “Not even that we aren’t terrorists. … He was so aggressive.”

… Talal Alyan, an Arab American student, launched an online campaign on Thursday demanding that the New York Post apologize for its coverage.

We demand an apology from the New York Post for identifying a Saudi Arabian national as a suspect for the Boston Marathon bombing despite having no evidence,” read the petition, which had more than 6,600 signatures as of Thursday evening. “The New York Post based their conclusion that the wounded marathon runner was a suspect only on the fact that he was an Arab. The New York Post needs to apologize to the falsely accused and the broader Arab and Muslim community.”

Still, Barhoum was uneasy at being targeted, while others around him in the marathon crowd weren’t.

“The only thing they look at is my skin color and since I’m Moroccan, I’m kind of dark,” said Barhoum. “Last night I couldn’t sleep. Just thinking about the consequences. What are people going to say and what the result is going to be.”

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so apparently according to this person, being “humble and beautiful” = not saying factual things about needing better coaching to be serious elite contender/NOT BRINGING UP RACISM AND BULLYING THAT HAPPENED TO HER FOR YEARS AT THE GYM SHE LEFT.

I’m sorry, but when you are caucasian and call a young black girl your “slave”, it’s a big fucking deal.

do you know how racism works in this country? it goes unchecked many, many times. it’s encouraged by stereotypes in the media, on television, in movies. it’s not reprimanded correctly when it happens. it’s everywhere, right under our noses. it’s the nitty gritty ugliness of the human mind that some people still refuse to admit exists.

so yes, I’m going to get offended when you say that a successful young black woman should “never bring up” the fact that she was discriminated against because of her skin color.

do you know how big of an impact it has when a public figure like gabby comes out and admits to being bullied and being the butt of racist remarks? it shows young women of color that it’s not okay for a white person to demean you for your race. it shows young women of color that no, this is not something that’s normal, something that you have to take and accept because it’s happening for a reason.

gabby took a stance, a brave stance, by bringing to light what happened to her. she’s teaching young girls of color everywhere that it’s not okay when someone insults you because of your race. she’s teaching young white girls everywhere that it’s not okay to make racist jokes and think they can get away with it. she’s teaching white america that racism is still a serious issue and permeates through many layers of our society, down to our children and into their gyms, their schools, their behaviors.

honestly, look at the situation. gabby douglas is a double gold medalist at the olympics. she’s the first woman of color to EVER win the all around gold. she won both team gold and AA gold for her country. she’s probably raking in cash thanks to endorsement deals and media events. she’s accomplished so many things at the olympics - maybe not event finals medals, but both the AA and team crown, which, to quote shannon miller, is nothing to sneeze at.

how would her bringing up the “race issue” have benefited her at all? why would she need to make it up, as I’ve seen some people say? if anything, her bringing up this extremely painful and personal detail of her past has probably driven AWAY people like you, who think RACISM and BULLYING should “never even have been brought up”. it’s probably driven away people who don’t want to look at the harsh reality of modern america, people who continue to believe that we’re this post-racial, colorblind society when in reality, we’re not.

in reality, a young girl was belittled for not looking like her white teammates. in reality, a young girl had to deal with her parents’ divorce, her father being deployed, her family having to live on nothing and barely getting by - in ADDITION to the racism she faced in the gym. in reality, a young girl had to move all the way to iowa to leave the toxic environment she was in and reach for her dreams. in reality, a young girl had to leave her family and focus at the age of sixteen to keep moving forward in the face of adversity. in reality, a young girl finally won the medal she deserved - and then had to deal with the most popular subject of her win not being her performances or her talent, but her hair.

that is the reality we face. that is the reality that gabby brought up, the reality that you don’t want to admit is there, the reality that you shame her for bringing up.

Well done Alyssa

Back in the 1980’s a gymnastics coach told a reporter that Black people were incapable of being gymnasts. Yes, I’m serious. This dumbass actually said this-according to this numbnuts coach, Black people were-and I quote-“incapable of mellow and artistic performances” This was said, ironically, for an article about the first male African American to win an American gymnastics competition-Ron Gallimore. Ron Gallimore went through a LOT of shit-mostly from his fellow American gymnasts and coaches, since he was basically the only Black guy there. 

Lucy Collins and Dianne Durham were next-both of them languished on the National Team, although Dianne got a lot of International assignments thanks to the fact her coach was Bela Karolyi. Until 1993, there wasn’t another well-known Black gymnast in US WAG-and along came Dominique Dawes. 

I said that to say this: There has always been an ugly strain of racism in US gymnastics. That’s not to say that anyone critical of Gabby is racist-not at all. But-what happened to Gabby at Excalibur was not surprising at all, mainly because racism has always raised it’s ugly head in American gymnastics. It just hasn’t been more..shall we say..open? 

I’m reblogging for the commentary. Gabby’s still humble and beautiful to me. 

Gabby IS humble and beautiful. She’s just not going to stay quiet while a bunch of ignorant people go on about stuff that’s really bullshit. That’s what I LIKE about Gabby. Oh, and the racism still goes on, and not just in Gabby’s general direction. John Orozco gets that bullshit too. And it’s not right. 

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