Hi, I'm Kristen. 23, cis-female, Black. I cry a lot about dead sidekicks, children's shows, and comic books. And I draw sometimes.


black trans man batman because I couldn’t stop thinking about it


if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the shit going on now:

  • have some baby animals
  • use this masterpost
  • read a book
  • watch a movie
  • talk to a friend or trusted family member
  • be good to urself!


Do you expect me to talk?
No, Ms. Bond. I expect you to die!
sam wilson’s I’M A FUCKIN BIRD playlist



  1. Who Gon Stop Me? - Jay-Z & Kanye West
  2. Dangerous - Busta Rhymes
  3. Illest Motha Fucka Alive - Jay-Z & Kanye West
  4. Ready or Not - Fugees
  5. Trouble Man - Marvin Gaye
  6. Night Air - Jamie Woon
  7. Fly - Nicki Minaj
  8. Bouncin Back (Bumpin’ Me Against The Wall) - Mystikal

optional: I’m a Bird - krissiFL as a 30 second intro

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Rodgers & Hammerstien’s Cinderella

Ya’ll welcome :)


For those in the peanut gallery.

The first Black Disney Princess: Cinderella

Complete with Brandy as Cinderella, an Asian prince (Paolo Montalban) Black Queen (Whoopi Goldberg) and Whitney Fuckin Houston as the fairy godmother.

It is your representation and diversity wet dream.

Get yo life.

Haters stay mad





A Multi-Function Clip That Hides a Toolbox In Your Hair

Um yes!

I still want to bulk buy these and adonize  batch pink.

Apart from being super cool - which it definitely is - the serrated side cuts through braided rope, and though I haven’t seen it in person I’d be willing to bet money the smallest (“flat phillips”) screwdriver picks handcuffs.

Ladies, this is an escape tool.



It’s like Marvel is really trying to piss people off, lol. 

Source: http://io9.com/marvels-new-captain-america-will-be-black-1606409585

I love it B]


In response to a prompt i saw on here a while ago.

“She was taken almost two weeks ago, Colonel. I think she at least deserves for us to try,” Steve argued with Phillips. He’s already dressed in the suit, only missing the helmet and his shield.

“I’m afraid I’ll…







Peggielene Bartels, A.K.A. King Peggy, is currently the King of Otuam, Ghana. She was chosen to be one of only three female kings in Ghana, and when she discovered that male chauvinists wanted her to only be a figurehead, she said: “They were treating me like I am a second-class citizen because I am a woman. I said, ‘Hell no, you’re not going to do this to a woman!’” When she encountered corruption and the threat of embezzlement to the royal funds, she declared “I’m going to squeeze their balls so hard their eyes pop!”

King Peggy has maintained her work in Ghana’s embassy in Washington, D.C. while making education affordable in Otuam, installing borehead wells to produce clean drinking water, enforcing incarceration laws to deal with domestic violence, replenishing the royal coffers by taxing Otuam’s fishing industry to improve life in the village, and appointing three women to her council.

“Nobody should tell you, ‘You’re a woman, you can’t do it,’” she insists. “You can do it. Be ready to accept it when the calling comes.”

Quoted from the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Ms. Magazine.

What a beautiful badass woman.

King Peggy has been on my blog before but this is my goddamn blog and I will have King Peggy on here twice if I want.


Always reblog King Peggy, who is on my dash far less than she should be. Did you know she has written a book about her life? It is great, and you should all get right on that if you haven’t already.

Bitches get shit done.

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give me more about sam wilson

talk to me about how he spent three years unlearning hypervigilance only for it all to come roaring back in one afternoon

tell me about the dreams he has with riley falling, with nat falling, with steve falling, and he swoops to catch him but then…